• 10 Stunning Places Near Oban To Plan a Swim, Run or Cycle Adventure

    If you are looking for a stunning place to visit with amazing beaches, majestic mountains, plentiful wildlife, and superb coastal vistas and then look no further than North Argyll. It was originally known as the Gateway to the Isles, the Capital of the West Highlands and then the Seafood Capital of Scotland, but I have lived here for over 20 years and to me it is the Adventure HQ for Scotland. Adventure in all its forms from exhilarating boat rides to remote wilderness, playful outdoor fun to amazing wildlife encounters. It is not a lie to say that this small area of Scotland really has it all and it is accessible to almost everyone, no matter how old or how active, there is something that will suit you if you want to explore, experience, voyage, venture, expedition, scramble, race or simply get away from the rest of the world.