• 6 tips for climbing hills faster on your road bike and how they will help your performance

    If you are like me when you think about hill climbing on your bike a lot depends on your current state of mind. At the start of a day when I feel good, I think bring it on, it will be fun, I can do it. After I have been out on a club ride and my legs have been spinning at my maximum speed for quite a while and are starting to hurt, the thought of a large hill in front is much less appealing. I start to envisage that I will be at the back, I probably have not eaten enough to have the energy for it, and I might have to get off and walk! But are there things that we can all do to help us get better at climbing hills faster on our road bike and will it help our performance? Well I thought it was worth looking into so over the past few weeks I have pulled together my 6 best tips for climbing hills faster and I have been testing them and seeing real improvements.