• Rewilding: Why Is It Important?

    Rewilding is about large scale ecological restoration of the natural landscape by allowing nature to do its own thing. Rewilding is a source of hope and joy that one day everyone living or visiting Scotland will be able to experience the magic of our native natural ecosystem as it should be. The good news is that there are organisations with very dedicated people working to help return big swathes of land to diverse forest full of wildlife like red squirrels and wildcats. At Skirr we value sustainability from every angle of our product creation, from ingredients to packaging and shipping. But for us it goes deeper than that and we consider the health of the soil where our ingredients grow and the kind of world we want to live and work in. Nature is fundamental to our understanding of sustainability and we are supporters of rewilding Scotland.
  • The Powerful Combination of Exercise and Nature & 3 Reasons Why Exercising Outside is Good for You

    Those of us that love nature, being outside and in the wild have no doubt found that when we are engaging with the great outdoors whether it is walking, running, cycling, swimming or any other sport we can find our minds calming and we get a great sense of relief from any ongoing stress. I personally find that taking my coffee out into the sun for ten minutes in the morning, getting up from my desk for a short walk as well as pottering in the garden are all beneficial for helping me feel good. So I wondered, why it is that nature seems to reduce stress and anxiety and that being active outside is so good for you? It got me thinking that the combination of exercise and nature could perhaps be quite powerful and maybe even synergistic, meaning that together they are more potent than when indulged in individually.