• How To Avoid Bonking & Retain Your Competitive Edge

    Have you ever been part way through a race or event and simply found you could not continue? Did your legs feel like lead, you feel extremely tired and may even get the shakes or feel dizzy. If you weren’t expecting it you may not really know what is happening but it is highly likely that you are bonking or hitting the wall as it is sometimes known. This is when your blood sugar levels dip very low and your body is not able to recycle stored glycogen fast enough to produce more glucose for fuel. In this blog we are going to explain why it happens and how you can avoid it plus give you fuelling strategies to enhance your performance.
  • How Best Can I Train Through a Lock Down Winter? 8 Tips to Keep you at Peak Performance

    At the weekend when it is bright and chilly I love to run up a hill or get out on my mountain bike still and I still go swimming on a Sunday morning at the beach But in the wet, windy and in Scotland what we call ‘dreich’ weather I feel much less like getting out there. So I do have my road bike set up in the hall on the turbo trainer, I tend to do more yoga following online tutorials and if the gym is open I will go to a spin class. But what do the experts recommend and what are the best tips for training through winter, especially this year with lockdown stopping us meeting up for group activities and most of us finding the gyms are closed again? And how can we keep ourselves in peak performance and ready for a better 2021?
  • 6 tips for climbing hills faster on your road bike and how they will help your performance

    If you are like me when you think about hill climbing on your bike a lot depends on your current state of mind. At the start of a day when I feel good, I think bring it on, it will be fun, I can do it. After I have been out on a club ride and my legs have been spinning at my maximum speed for quite a while and are starting to hurt, the thought of a large hill in front is much less appealing. I start to envisage that I will be at the back, I probably have not eaten enough to have the energy for it, and I might have to get off and walk! But are there things that we can all do to help us get better at climbing hills faster on our road bike and will it help our performance? Well I thought it was worth looking into so over the past few weeks I have pulled together my 6 best tips for climbing hills faster and I have been testing them and seeing real improvements.
  • Life Balance and Adventure

    Last weekend I completed a 69km wilderness ride that I had been wanting to do for a long time. It was a ten hour epic including a 4 mile hike your bike section through one of the wildest places in Scotland where hardly anyone has set foot. A few years ago this just simply wouldn’t have been possible for me as I suffered from burnout and spent several months unable to do even the simplest things such as meeting friends for a coffee. Fortunately, I turned my life around and found a much better balance to my work, life and adventure. Fin out how I balance work, life and adventure!