Skirr (verb) to glide or move faster

Skirr is the sustainable  skincare brand for eco conscious adventure and endurance athletes who are looking for skincare to address sport specific problems and protect their natural playground.

Meaning to glide or move faster, Skirr, an old scots word, is the perfect name for our brand. Skirr is made in Scotland and tested in some of the toughest conditions. Being based on the West Coast of Scotland, amidst the best of natures outdoor playground, there are plenty of mountains and coastline for testing product effectiveness at the same time as having fun.

 Skirr from the start .....


Skirr was founded by Moira Newiss who had previously worked in the NHS and always had a dream to be an entrepreneur.  She wanted to get back to spending more time outdoors in nature, cycling, swimming, hiking and skiing, while starting up a company with an eco-focus. 

Having already graduated from Formula Botanica, the world's leading, accredited, online Cosmetic Science School, she was well placed to combine her passion for sports and the environment by developing a sustainable sport skincare brand.  Having looked at what was on the market for sports men and women she discovered there were not many truly effective natural products made by a company with  great eco-credentials.

After thinking about her love of nature and the many enthusiastic athletes she knew who all care about their natural outdoor playground, the idea of Skirr was born.

Once her first product the anti-chafing Sport Body Balm was formulated it was tested out at the Tyndrum24 Ultra race in January in the Scottish Highlands. It proved amazingly protective for runners over 70 miles!