Chafing & Blisters

Chafing and/or blisters can make or break a race or even a gentle jog or cycle ride. It's uncomfortable, painful and can leave sores/wounds that get infected. Chafing is caused by friction from clothing or from two areas of skin rubbing together. This is similar with blisters when fluid starts to accumulate beneath the area of rubbed skin when the layers of skin start to separate resulting in a fluid bubble. 

Both can be worse during very sweaty or wet conditions. If you need to reapply a product to help prevent chafing or blisters, try to dry your skin first and if possible change your clothes so they are dry. For this reason it's great to make use of a bag drop at races or strategically hide a small bag part way round your bike ride etc... so you can have spare socks/top/shorts and a small towel.


Chafing can be a problem, it can be hard for some people just to walk down the street in summer with a skirt or shorts on and not be uncomfortable. The good news is that with a bit of planning, preparation and use of anti-chafing products you can get rid of and/or minimise that discomfort.


Women tend to chafe around their sports bra/knickers as well as in the groin area, chest, breast, feet, nipples and sometimes inside of the arms/thighs. 


Men often chafe in the groin area, inside of legs/thighs as well as feet and nipples.

Sport Specific Chafing

Certain sports such as wild swimming or surfing where you wear a wet suit can produce chafing under the arms and around the neck area.

Carrying a rucksack can result in chafing where straps rub over long distances.

Surf kayaking or other sports where you wear a drycag can produce painful rashes on the neck.

Anti-chafing Products

Skirr has a great multi-sport anti-chafing product, the Sports Body Balm which is suitable for most chafing problems. We will be bringing this out, later in the year, in smaller cubes for use on long races/bike-packing etc...

We are working on a new cycling specific anti-chafing cream for those very sensitive saddle sore spots watch this space!