Catriona Macleod - ultra runner, cyclist and swimmer
"Not one sore bit! That's truly incredible considering and it helped me get to the end without any broken skin. I've managed to get back in the pool again straight away as I've no open wounds. My skin felt amazing and it genuinely works!"


Stuart Ainslie - ultra runner 

"It worked perfectly, no hint of chafing. It's hard to find products that are not just disposable plastic, so that's a big bonus too."

Kevin Southgate - tough mudder competitor 
"No chafing, no blisters, nothing! I definitely recommend it for sure."


Kirsten Cowling - ultra runner  
"Where I normally chafe around my clothing, fabulous, absolutely fabulous, nothing compared to what normally happens."

Lisa Millar - ultra runner 

"My feet are great and no chafing round my sports bra, all down to Skirr, thank you! Its the best product I've ever used for chafing. It feels really lovely when you are putting it on too!"