We now have another brand ambassador, Craig Boggon. Craig works as a Physiotherapist at Newcastle upon Tyne Teaching Hospitals and is proud that they were one of the first organisations to publicise about the climate crisis. He has been working to promote good environmental behaviours and wants to see a lot more done in sport! With this as high aim Craig has begun teaming up with other like minded sustainable organisations which is why he is happy to be one of our first brand ambassadors!


Craig tells us that, 'one of my greatest achievements was winning the overall North East Triathlon series whilst working full time!' and we have to say that is a pretty impressive accomplishment!  "A favourite race has been Ironman Wales for my 21st birthday and another was the Round Rotherham Ultra Marathon (50miles)." 

More recently Craig has been focusing on  what we as a sports community can all do to help the environment and is encouraging sporting events to become plastic free. He has planned to cycle from Newcastle to Glasgow this month to coincide with when the COP26 global climate change event was due to take place. He aims to raise awareness of the need for everyone to play their role, especially at an organisational level, in the fight to protect our world against global warming.

We are so pleased to have Craig on board and hope to help him in his aim to raise awareness and tackle climate change in sport.

We are very pleased to announce our first brand ambassador, Kyle Gordon who is from the Ardross/Alness area in the Highlands of Scotland.


3 years ago Kyle gave up his job as a plumber/pipe filter on the oil rigs to chase his dream of becoming an elite cyclist and attempting to get on the Scottish National squad for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. He made it onto the team and got some great top 10 results In the men’s endurance track cycling events.

Shortly after this he was selected onto the UCI Track Team HUUB Wattbike competing at World Cup Track events and has now made the decision to fully commit the next 2 years to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games with Scottish cycling, based in Glasgow full time. He will be racing on the road in the summer months in time trial and road race events racing at national elite level, then switching to the track in the winter months representing Scotland in international UCI competitions along with the usual British & Scottish championship events in between, all as preparation for the Commonwealth Games.

In his own words Kyle says, '.... at the age of 32 I am chasing a dream that I had as a teenager of becoming an elite level full time cyclist. I am proving to people that it’s never too late to chase the dream and to go out there and do what makes you happy, taking that first step even if it scares you to do so'.

As an elite cyclist Kyle spends 17-22 hours a week in the saddle and that doesn’t come without its problems with chafing down below. He has been using Skirr Sport Body Balm as a replacement for chamois cream and it has transformed his riding on the bike. He is pleased to be working with us to help promote Skirr. He says Skirr Sport Body Balm has been a game changer for him, 'no more chafing, saddle sores or irritation, it is a fantastic product that is allowing me to have pain free riding again and a big plus is that it is eco friendly too'.

At Skirr we are very pleased to have Kyle on board and support him in his mission to perform at the top level in the next Commonwealth Games. 


Catriona Macleod - ultra runner, cyclist and swimmer
"Not one sore bit! That's truly incredible considering and it helped me get to the end without any broken skin. I've managed to get back in the pool again straight away as I've no open wounds. My skin felt amazing and it genuinely works!"


Stuart Ainslie - ultra runner 

"It worked perfectly, no hint of chafing. It's hard to find products that are not just disposable plastic, so that's a big bonus too."

Kevin Southgate - tough mudder competitor 
"No chafing, no blisters, nothing! I definitely recommend it for sure."


Kirsten Cowling - ultra runner  
"Where I normally chafe around my clothing, fabulous, absolutely fabulous, nothing compared to what normally happens."

Lisa Millar - ultra runner 

"My feet are great and no chafing round my sports bra, all down to Skirr, thank you! Its the best product I've ever used for chafing. It feels really lovely when you are putting it on too!"